Add a Doctor

1: From dashboard > team post type, add your doctor. 

2: Add the list of services that doctor will provide to the patient and also set the appointment duration. How much time will be given to each patient.

3: Create a calendar for the week, when doctor will be available for checkup. Give the timing and select day. For each day add new availability calendar.

Make an appointment

1: To make an appointment, select the doctor and date from appointment form.

2: Select the service which patient want to get from doctor.

3: Choose appointment time from given time slots. And fill the form.

4: After the appointment have been made, patient will receive email about it.

Appointments list

1: The list of the appointments can be found on backend in dashboard. Where patient ID, email, phone number and other information is given.

2: Appointment status can be changed by editing the appointment. It can be completed, confirmed, canceled. If the appointment is confirmed then user will receive confirmation email.