Nepali Language Translation

“WordPress” the world’s most prominent website and blog CMS programming is translating to 100% Nepali. Our All WordPress themes also support Nepali language.Here is the list of our WordPress themes which you can translate into Nepali language.

  • Actavista
  • Esperto
  • Lifeline2
  • Deeds
  • Lifeline
  • Medicalist
  • Restinn
  • Ducan
  • Negotium
  • Magup
  • Restinn
  • Unload
  • Draaz
  • 80s'Mod

There are some simple steps which you can follow to translate your website in to Nepali language :

1. Change Dashboard  Language Settings

Just go to Settings → General, and change the Site Language setting to the Nepali language.

After selecting Nepali language just save the settings, now your WordPress dashboard will be converted into Nepali.

2. Translate Theme Strings

You can follow the steps of following video to translate language file in to your desired language.

Note: Must change the name of your .mo file to  ne_NP.mo before uploading it into Theme Options -> Language settings

After following the above steps your site will be converted into Nepali language.