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  • Rhoda Gonen started the conversation

    I have been using the Theme Options, Social sections to select and link 3 social media accounts for this site.  Despite the fact that I have done it countless occasions, it does not save it.  The other options on this screen have saved successfully but I link the facebook, instagram and youtube accounts, I save and go to the site and when I hover on them, the colours I changed them to are correct but the links are not there.  Under inspect it looks like I see "_blank". I have tried to see if there are any offending plugins but I don't seem to see any.

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    Redux framework have been used in theme. Which is having some conflict with its working. You need to firstly remove the old social media, save theme options and then add new icons with you info. It will fix your problem. We have notice this problem and will fix in update.

    Thank you

    -- Webinane Support