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Menu and Hyperlink Issue


  • Lennox Saunders started the conversation


    1. I am trying to change the default hyper link colors.  I want to change "link", "hover" and "visited"

    2. My menu is messed up, the drop downs hides behind my menu bar and I cannot select. How can I fix this, demo worked fine. See attached 


    Attached files:  menu.png

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    Support replied

    Hi Lennox, 

    Thanks for contacting us. We're here, and pleased, to help you out in every possible way. But, we need your site link to analyze these issue and you give the solution for that, also provide us login details of your site.


    Webinane Customer Support

    -- Webinane Support

  • Lennox Saunders replied

    my wordpress site is: mmoriahchurch.com

    If you can, please make the hyper link txt match logo colour. Green and Blue. If not let me know where to edit in CSS. 


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    Support replied

    You can do it easily by writing custom css for changing the hyper link text.  

    In wp dash board Theme option mein > header settings  mein custom css


    -- Webinane Support