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  • Yahya Elharony started the conversation


    I’ve purchased this theme, but after installing & customizing it, I found that it doesn’t display the `Donation Amount`, it’s always `0` – For the Cause, Project, ... etc. Here’s a screenshot: http://prntscr.com/lodejc

    NOTE: When I do a manual donation, it counts, but the `Targeted Goal` donation remains ZERO, and the progress bar stays empty!

    Also, the donation popup doesn’t display the the donation amount, it’s blank! Here’s a screenshot: http://prntscr.com/lodeyc

    Do you have any suggestion about those issues?

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    Support replied

    Dear Yahya,

    Thanks for contacting us.

    You need to set the "Target Amount" for Cause/Project through its back-end, which allows you to set the target amount and when the donation is made to that Cause/Project, the donated amount will be shown as well as the progress bar will also be showing the percentage to collected amount.

    If you can't see the donation options in popup, please make sure to set the donation settings through "Donation Settings", set your values, currency, payment cycles and many other options. Then you'll be able to see the donation option in popup.

    If you need any other assistance, please let us know.


    -- Webinane Support

  • Yahya Elharony replied

    Thanks for your reply!

    Well, I've already set a value for the "Donation Needed (USD)" custom field for that Cause/Project through its back-end, and my problem is that it's not displaying, still 0!

    What I mean by the second question is that I have a "black" right side, it's supposed to display the "current donated" and "progress bar" and the "target amount", but it's blank!

    Here are some screenshots:

    I hope this is a bit clear now!

    Looking forward to your next reply.

  • Yahya Elharony replied

    UPDATE: I've fixed this issue!

    That's because an issue in the `Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings`, I used to select `Currency Formate` as `USD Dollar`, when I changed it to `Your Selected Country`, it worked!!!

    It sounds like an unexpected bug, I hope my solution help you to fix it for other developers/buyers as well.

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    Support replied

    Dear Yahya,

    Thanks for your kind reply. But selecting "Your Selected Currency" to show amounts on Cause/Projects or donation popup is not actually a bug. When you select your currency to be USD and also currency format to be USD too, the algorithm of converting USD into USD will show "0". So we have added an option to choose your selected currency as a currency format will start showing the amounts.

    Well that's all great if you fixed it by yourself. If you face any problem regarding Lifeline2, please let us know.

    Have a nice day.

    -- Webinane Support